Two new risk specialist practices join Bombora Advice team

Bombora Advice (Bombora) Managing Director, Wayne Handley, has announced that risk specialists Mike Rollinson, SME Wealth Protection and Andrew Dwyer, RPS Advisory Group have joined the boutique dealer group.

In welcoming the two practices to Bombora, Wayne Handley said they each shared two very distinct yet common traits that underpinned their decisions. “Both Mike and Andrew acknowledged and appreciated the benefits provided by their respective dealer groups but felt very strongly that in the long term, their clients, practices and relationships with centres of influence (COI) / alliance partners would benefit more from a dedicated risk specialist dealer group”.

Andrew Dwyer joined the financial services industry in 2008 and operates his practice in Geelong Victoria. He has developed a very close and productive relationship with his COIs (in particular the Scotts Chartered Accountants group with whom he shares his business address) and this has underpinned his business growth and reputation as a professional financial services practitioner.

Mike Rollinson is acknowledged as a financial services veteran as his first job was with Phoenix Assurance (Asteron) in 1978 in the UK and his industry career continued with his arrival in Australia in 1994. Mike distinguished himself in many senior management roles in Queensland, before he decided to strike out on his own and established Brisbane based SME Wealth Protection in 2010.

“Last year we started to question the status quo and looked to the future of our respective practices and felt that it was time for a change – time to position our practices for the long term”, said Mike Rollinson and Andrew Dwyer.

“Bombora’s risk specialisation, boutique approach and collegiate environment and infrastructure were to compelling an offer to ignore”.

From inception, Wayne Handley has stressed that Bombora would be fundamentally different to the traditional licensee model that is measured by FUM or adviser numbers. Bombora’s aim is to be that intimate organisation, partnering risk specialists, with key points of difference and productive relationships. It would not be obsessed with recruiting numbers for numbers sake but instead growth will be managed within a collegiate infrastructure based on ‘sharing value’.

“These were the very values that most influenced my decision and the benefit to the practice is already being felt with Bombora’s risk specialisation and support services dovetailing seamlessly into SME Wealth Protection’s activities”, added Mike Rollinson.

“A specialised integrated business model from licensee to practice can only enhance productivity, marketplace differentiation and client service activities”.

Adding his voice, Andrew Dwyer said, “My COIs have been overwhelmingly supportive of the move to Bombora as they too acknowledge and appreciate the greater depth of benefit and services RPS Advisory will be able provide to our collective client network”.

“I’m especially confident that the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise contained within the Bombora team will assist me greatly in the attainment of my personal, professional and practice growth aspirations”.

Wayne Handley also confirmed that discussions with further practices were well advanced and he expected to announce additions to the Bombora team of practices next month.

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