Perera Crowther joins Bombora & reaps early alliance business benefit of risk specialisation

In a few months, Sydney based Perera Crowther Financial Services will celebrate their first anniversary since joining Bombora Advice (Bombora) and affirms reaping an almost immediate benefit with an alliance to provide specialist risk protection advice and related services for a leading financial services and accounting business confirmed Bombora Managing Director, Wayne Handley.

Perera Crowther co-principal and founder Sam Perera makes no secret of his passion for the benefits that only risk insurance can provide for the wealth creation, lifestyle and retirement aspirations of business owners, professionals and families. In addition, Sam is steadfastly committed to ongoing personal and professional development and is currently in the final stages of completing his Masters of Financial Planning.

A strong and passionate industry advocate, Sam has authored many submissions and briefed a number of politicians on the impact of regulatory changes, specifically LIF. He has also presented to parliamentary committees and most recently the PJC on Corporation and Financial Services.

Although reasonably satisfied with the success of Perera Crowther since starting the practice in 2005 with Josh Crowther servicing the needs of professionals, lawyers, pharmacists and medical practitioners – Sam Perera acknowledged that to future proof the business in the current environment of change – the institutional licensee model was not the answer.

“I wanted a true industry partner with innovation, passion, vision and sense of purpose at its core supported by a leadership team that comprises experienced industry professionals and Bombora fulfilled all my requirements”, said Sam Perera.

Acknowledging Sam Perera’s upcoming milestone, Wayne Handley said “Bombora is a very unique collective of highly respected risk advice businesses that encourages and supports a collegiate sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise.

“Furthermore, it operates under a corporatised model that strives to build scale and operational efficiencies that in turn enables the advice network to professionally and efficiently service and address the needs of clients”.

At the time Perera Crowther was joining Bombora, Sydney based Econ Financial Services approached Bombora to discuss the provision of a risk insurance solution and partner to complement their existing client offering.

Perera Crowther turned out to be a suitable business fit, with the establishment of a joint venture between Econ Financial Services and Perera Crowther, known as Econ Insurance Services. This company will provide cohesive and comprehensive specialist risk advice, servicing the needs of the financial services and accounting group.

“Bombora has exceeded all my expectations and I have been overwhelmed by the camaraderie, resources and facilities all focused on helping the individual risk advice businesses to grow and realise their potential”.

“My personal goals are to build a specialist insurance practice with a focus on estate planning and related insurance strategies within a framework that provides exemplary service and the highest standards of professional advice”.

“I am truly excited about the future”, concluded Sam Perera.

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